EnviroSolar Founder and Former Executive Abe Issa Announces New, No-Cost Energy Consultations for Local Homeowners

EnviroSolar is a provider of award-winning solar panel tech for businesses, homes, public institutions such as schools, and more.

Founder, Abe Issa, is a recipient of multiple Entrepreneur of the Year awards for sustainable development. He was born in Beirut in the 80s and overcame great hardship before making his mark on the sustainable energy industry. 

Abe Issa created EnviroSolar to make sustainable smart homes and security solutions affordable. This organization ranks among the top solar power companies 

EnviroSolar has installed panels in thousands of homes, building a great reputation for both quality and customer service. 

A no-cost energy consultation is an inspection and interview where the energy professionals of EnviroSolar examine the typical energy usage of the customer and develop strategies that will enable them to save money on future energy needs. 

They will also be advised about effective energy-saving practices. These include reserving the use of large appliances for non-peak hours, unplugging chargers, turning off wi-fi devices, and other electrical draws when not in use. The customer will be shown how much money they can save over the course of a year by doing simple things like turning off the reset lights on in-panel outlet breakers common to bathrooms, and more. 

Once the consultation is complete, the customer will be shown how much they can save on their energy bills with the addition of an EnviroSolar solar panel power supplement package. Estimates will begin with a yearly approximation of potential savings.

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