Abe Issa Discusses Solving the Crypto Energy Problem - Solar Power

Abe Issa has spent plenty of time over the years solving problems, and one of the biggest he is seeing today involves solving the energy hunger problem of crypto mining. There's no question that crypto mining produces revenue and opportunity. However, the process of that digital work comes with a price, a tremendous amount of energy demand. While that might have been fine 50 years ago, today that kind of energy demand is not ethically acceptable. This is where solutions provided by companies like EnviroSolar and other solar generators become a more viable solution.

Technology Changes Over Time Produced A Fix

Solar power took a long time to come into its own. Back in the 1980s when it was first introduced, the systems were clunky, expensive, and not reliable. Over time, however, a good amount of work was done to make solar systems more efficient. This need for efficiency introduced the rise of players like EnviroSolar. Now, the demand for energy has become a priority. And with the exponential attention being focused on crypto right now, energy solutions are definitely on the top five list of things needed.

Good Timing for a New Industry Needing Help

Solar power produced on a large scale by companies like EnviroSolar provides crypto farming the power block needed to run on a high scale without the traditional consumption issue that happens with a regular grid hookup. Normal grid connections rely on power that comes from dirty production methods. Coal-produced power has been an age-old problem in this regard. EnviroSolar avoids these compromises by providing a power source that is entirely natural, renewable, and powerful. Solar power, when connected correctly, not only helps offset the energy demand, but it provides a primary solution for alleviating crypto mining's dirty energy problem.

Regulation is Getting Started

EnviroSolar and similar solutions couldn't come faster. A number of jurisdictions are now looking at the possibility of trimming and restraining the amount of crypto mining performed on the traditional grid. New York, for example, is already looking to bar any new permitting of mining. Abe Issa sees a number of other regions following suit soon to do the same. However, solutions like those offered by EnviroSolar can sidestep the dirty energy problem directly. The results are a win-win; cleaner energy consumption that can be renewed and less reliance on the traditional grid.

For Crypto Mining Solar is the Next Step

There is no shortage of demand for crypto, and the mining aspect provides a huge opportunity for income for many who otherwise would not have such a chance. However, if growing controls cut off the very power support that mining needs to operate, even if digital, then mining will be shut down as well. For crypto, there really is no other option in Abe Issa's mind than partnering with solar architecture support like EnviroSolar. The combination takes modern technology for power generation and matches it with modern technology for asset creation.