EnviroSolar’s Abe Issa Marks Ten Years in Green Energy

Former CEO of EnviroSolar Abe Issa reflects on a decade in the clean energy sector.

Abe Issa is a Lebanese-American entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience as a business leader. Recently celebrating a decade of that time spent focused on clean, green energy, Issa is now a widely respected authority on solar power nationwide.

"Change is something constant in life. By embracing change and innovating within it, there's no limit to what you can do," says Abe Issa, marking a decade at the forefront of green energy. "Be dynamic and be ambitious," he adds, "but never be afraid." We have learned a tremendous amount over the years, mostly by trial and error. It has been a fun journey.

Issa is the former CEO of award-winning solar energy provider EnviroSolar. The entrepreneur has now been involved in residential real estate for over 20 years. Half of that, he explains, has been spent concentrated on saving and providing clean energy.

"Through solar and advanced technologies, I've long planned to build the home of the future while, at the same time, educating consumers in the process," says the businessman.

Abe Issa was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He arrived in the U.S. as a young boy in 1987 with his family. Almost 35 years on, and today, the Lebanese-American entrepreneur is a leader in the nation's renewable energy industry.

Abe Issa Becomes a Leader in American Solar Power

By 27 years old, a change in direction saw him move away from hands-on real estate development and toward his next big opportunity. "I yearned to build a business that was both good for people and the environment," Issa reveals. The following year, in 2011, he entered the world of energy efficiency for the first time with no experience behind him.

Having closely studied trends in energy technology and associated environmental concerns, the businessman began to experiment with clean energy retrofits. "I witnessed a remarkable response rate," says Issa, "and promptly realized that I was on to something."

Very quickly, Abe Issa made the decision to focus on helping homeowners begin their own clean, green energy journeys. "I was soon leading the way in the clean home energy market," he explains.

Former EnviroSolar CEO now Focused on Next Half a Decade

A decade on since Abe Issa first entered the clean home energy market, America's power grid is at approximately two percent as far as energy generated by solar technology, according to the expert.

It's an impressive start, but things now need to progress at a much greater rate, Issa suggests. "Real revolutions move faster," he explains, "and I have a solid vision of how to achieve 15 percent by 2025."

Issa's efforts have seen him repeatedly honored with award nominations and wins. Among the most prestigious are TechRepublic 40 Under 40 recognition and two Stevie Awards, highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of businesspersons worldwide. He's also made the finals of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

Abe Issa is the former CEO of EnviroSolar. Leading the solar revolution in America, the firm was founded on the principle of helping homeowners transform their homes into self-sustaining solar energy machines. EnviroSolar continues to take a consultative approach to green energy, assessing the efficiencies and inefficiencies of customers' homes.

"The team then provides recommendations and solutions to those homeowners interested in a greener way of life," Issa notes. "With that, not only does EnviroSolar strive to reduce the consumption of each home," he adds, wrapping up, "but it also works hard to give homeowners a more valuable way to pay for their power moving forward."

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