Renewable Energy Entrepreneur Abe Issa Celebrates The Growth in Renewables

EnviroSolar's former CEO, Abe Issa, applauds the growth of many solar companies across the country.

EnviroSolar has installed thousands of solar systems across the nation, reveals former CEO Abe Issa, speaking from his home in Denver, Colorado. Issa is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and philanthropist best known for his work in sustainable development and business operations.

"EnviroSolar was established to make sustainable smart homes and security solutions affordable for more and more people," the company's former CEO goes on to explain. "Today, ongoing commitments to five-star customer service and exclusively providing the best products on the market continue to see the company win award after award for quality, growth, and innovation," he adds.

On multiple occasions, the business has been recognized as part of Solar Power World magazine's Top Solar Contractors list. Solar Power World is the leading resource for information, news, and reviews surrounding solar photovoltaic technology development and installation in print and online.

Under Abe Issa's expert direction and leadership, it has also held a prestigious place on Solar Power World's top 100 leaderboard, ranking solar installation specialists across all 50 states, from Alabama to Wyoming. "The firm successfully fought off over 80 percent of the competition to earn a coveted spot in the top 100," former CEO Issa explains.

Abe Issa Recognized for Role in Business

Former EnviroSolar CEO Abe Issa himself has been acknowledged a number of times with EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards and recognition for establishing and running some of the nation's fastest-growing companies in their respective fields.

Issa is also the name behind a real estate investment firm that, in the space of just a few short years, successfully developed over 500 properties in both residential and multi-family in various local communities.

EnviroSolar is a great case in point - now a national leader in its sector, thanks in no small part to its former CEO's efforts at all stages, from his operational learning as a C-level executive to the award-winning teams that he personally assembled.

Now half a decade in the making, Abe Issa's stamp on the solar industry exists in all facets. "The industry, Envirosolar, and its team remain wholly committed to nationwide job creation, for example," Issa points out, "and doing their part toward economic development."

According to Issa, the U.S. solar market continues to enjoy massive growth in 2021, with unprecedented quantities of new solar power still being added to the grid with each passing year. Part of another one of the entrepreneur and philanthropist's goals for the business, the company is also recognized as the first nationwide solar developer to have introduced a smart home offering at scale to its customers.

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