Abe Issa: Persevering Your Way to the Next Level

Abe Issa is a Lebanese-born entrepreneur who has concentrated his business efforts on green energy and sustainability. After graduating from the Texas Christian University with a finance degree, he started a real estate investment company, redeveloping over 500 homes and commercial properties in Dallas, Fort Worth, and South Texas between 2005 and 2010.

His desire to be proactive and drive social change along with environmental regeneration led him into the home improvement and energy efficiency industry, where he spent five years experimenting with energy retrofits. Applying the knowledge gained and drawing on his background in finance and real estate, Abe Issa launched EnviroSolar in 2016, creating a company that has received numerous accolades for its contributions to green energy and sustainability.

The entrepreneur himself has been recognized through multiple awards, among them one gold and two silver Stevie Awards, EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, and CEO World Award as Environmental Sustainability Leader (CEO, Forth Worth, TX for Environmental Products and Services). 

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Introduction [00:00]

1) What was the history and context of what was going on in Beirut during your early childhood when growing up there? [1:45]

2) What did growing up in such an environment teach you early on in life? [3:40]

3) Was business in your blood since you were young? [5:15]

4) What was the ultimate example in your life of “figuring it out as you go” with your ventures? [9:05]

5) To the average person, can you explain what solar panels do and why smart homes are booming? [10:00]

6) What do you see happening at large in the renewable energy space for future development (solar panels, EV’s, etc.)? [11:40]

7) What do you think about sales that most people do not or might disagree with? [15:00]

8) How do you balance out working hard in your own life? [18:50]

9) Updates with Abe’s project financing platform. [22:15]

10) “I want to start a business, where do I start?” What would you say to someone who says that to you? [23:10]

11) Closing thoughts. [26:40] 

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