Abe Issa Former Executive of EnviroSolar Looks to Highlight Solar Energy Trends to Watch Out in 2021

Abe Issa says the industry is growing and seeks to increase the capacity of solar power available in multiple industries.

Renewable energy will help decrease our reliance on fossil fuels and reduced greenhouse emissions. Solar power is among the most promising sources of renewable energy. EnviroSolar is one national brand that proudly assists businesses and homeowners seeking to become part of the solution by installing solar panels. The emergence of new trends and technologies will assist those who wish to utilize solar energy and become less reliant on fossil-based fuels.

National Company EnviroSolar Reveals Solar Energy Trends to Watch in 2021

Abe Issa, the former CEO of EnviroSolar, has put together the top trends in solar energy that readers can watch for in the coming year.

1. Expect an increased installation of solar shingle, EnviroSolar says.

Homeowners can install solar shingles on the roof of their residential properties. Also called solar roofs or solar roof tiles, solar shingles contain a photovoltaic system that harnesses the power of the sun and converts it into usable energy. Homeowners with solar shingles need an inverter to use the energy produced by the shingles, which can be used on or off the electrical grid. The average price of solar shingles will continue to decrease but it still will cost about $15,000 to add solar shingles to new construction projects, according to Abe Issa, the former CEO of EnviroSolar.

2. Solar car demand will increase, according to EnviroSolar.

Abe Issa, the former CEO of EnviroSolar, is closely following trends that predict a sharp increase in solar cars. The solar car market could increase to $329.5 million by 2023, reaching $4 billion by 2030. Solar cars use solar panels to power electrical vehicles and include PV cells and solar panels. These vehicles store energy in a specialized battery, using silicon to absorb solar heat and create electrical energy.

3. EnviroSolar applauds the increase in solar road projects.

There are perhaps millions of miles of roads around the globe. EnviroSolar supports trends to expand the installation of PV cells into highways and byways. These cells could be used to melt snow, energize streetlights and replace white or yellow paint used to create reflective lines.

4. EnviroSolar discusses the increased use of micro-inverter technology

Micro-inverters take the DC energy from PV systems and convert it into AC. This easy-install system adds flexibility that can help increase the use of solar power. Micro-inverter technology requires thin-film units that are increasingly available in the market. This is a major area to watch, as it can expand the application of solar energy, according to Abe Issa.

5. Abe Issa predicts a greater focus on solar storage.

Storing solar energy in batteries can provide continuous electricity to power homes. These batteries could serve as backups in the case of brownouts or blackouts in the electrical grid. Since solar energy relies on direct sunlight, this could also help expand the use of solar energy into areas that don't receive significant sunlight.

Many homeowners in the United States are keen to take advantage of tax credits extended by lawmakers in 2019. The trends discussed will make it easier for them to incorporate solar energy into their homes and vehicles, as well as take advantage of the tax break.

Abe Issa, the former CEO of EnviroSolar, is happy to be part of the solution when it comes to finding innovative ways to increase the use of renewable solar energy. Solar energy is one of the most promising alternatives to fossil fuels that increase carbon emissions and contribute to global warming. The more energy users can do to shift to solar and other renewable energy sources, the better the environment will be.


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SOURCE: Abe Issa

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